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Guangzhou Hotel located at the Haizhu Square, with the Pearl River to the south and the Yuexiu Mountain to the north, especially is on the top of Haizhu Square Station that belongs to metro line 2 and line 6, so it has a convenient transportation.During 1960's to 1970's, Guangzhou Hotel was famous for the highest building in China and was the landmark of Guangzhou City, also it was one of the first three-star hotels that can receive foreigners in 1989. Today it is top rank in the three-star hotels of Guangzhou, and is the municipal government designated reception hotel.Our attentive and professional staffs are dedicated to make your stay a pleasant, comfortable and convenient experience. We look forward to serving you in the hotel.









Hotel address: 2Qiyi Road, Guangzhou,P.R.China

Metro: Line 2, line 6, exit E, Haizhu square

Bus: Haizhu Square Station 8 Road, 10 Road, 14Road, 29Road, 64Road, 82Road, 86Road, 87Road, 88Road, 180Road, 183Road, 253Road, 519Road, 823Road.